Fish Tacos

If you ever had a fish taco, we have a lot to do with it. We're the originals in California since 1978. Our family is from Ensenada in the Baja-California region, where fish tacos originated. This is a family tradition. 

- Golden, crispy battered Alaskan Pollock placed on two warm, freshly made corn tortillas.

 - Topped with our signature cream sauce,

- Crunchy cabbage, and fresh pico de gallo (onion, cilantro and tomato).

The best fish tacos in California, the best tacos in the world.


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Potato Tacos

- Our staff comes in early in the morning to mash potatoes mixed with an assortment of spices and cheese. 

- Placed in a corn tortilla, and deep-fried.

-Topped with crunchy cabbage, pico de gallo (onion, cilantro and tomato), cheese and our signature cream sauce. 

Without question, these are authentically made traditional Mexican potato tacos.


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-Delicious hand cut fresh shrimp, marinated in fresh squeezed lime juice

-Mixed with hand cut onions, tomato, and cilantro

-Topped with fresh ripe avocado

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