World’s Best Fish Tacos….Since 1978

In 1978, Maria and Gilberto Romero began Taco Nazo from a lunch-truck. In just three years they saved enough money to open the first Taco Nazo restaurant in La Puente, California where the original Taco Nazo continues to thrive.

We were the first restaurant to offer authentic Baja-Style cuisine. Within 10 years we became the most recognized seller in Los Angeles of fish and shrimp tacos. Merrill Shindler calls us “The Best Fish Taco in California”. We agree and add, if we are the Best in California then we are the best in the world!

Taco Nazo offers a distinctive blend of high quality, authentic Mexican cuisine combined with fresh seafood fare indicative of the Ensenada region of Mexico. Taco Nazo’s menu items such as tacos and burritos feature marinated, char-grilled meats and other high-quality ingredients. Adhering to an overall emphasis of freshness. Our menu also features signature Ensenada style fish and shrimp tacos.